Assembled Spaces


Nina Brauhauser, Ilka Helmig, Tine Bay Lührssen

In their UK debut exhibition Assembled Spaces artists Nina Brauhauser, Ilka Helmig and Tine Bay Lührssen aim to unsettle our perception of forms in space. Superficial visual appearances are thrown into confusion through precise physical arrangements of objects, images and projections.

The three artists propose a contemporary strategy for making and exhibiting art that is deeply informed by Danish Situationist artist, Anger Jorn’s (1914–1973), impossibilities, of perception because of his belief in the existence of simultaneous realities.

Brauhauser, Helmig and Lührssen — who live and work between Germany, France and Denmark — use stripped-back abstraction, sculptural geometry ans playful perspectival arrangements draw out their works formal relationships and associations. The exhibition comprises a series of interrelated works or, what the artist’s call ’spacial modules‘. cast light on almost unnoticed connections between photography, drawing and installation. The artists see these as expansions of the disciplines. Hinging on the impact of NewMedia on ways of seeing, understanding and connecting to the world ‚Assembled Spaces‘ combines digital, technological and formal innovation. It allows for real and imagery worlds to intersect, refracting our perception of the relationship between spaces and images.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Ministry of Cultural and Science of North-Rhine-Westfalia, Arts Council England